Thursday, February 16, 2012

Art work to pass time

Kids are techy nowadays. Their toys are iPad, iPhone, iPods, and got know what else. Gone were the days where we enjoyed playing masak masak, guli , cartoon playing cards etc...

Too much of computer, tv, iPads is not good for their eyes either. Isaac's shortsightedness power has increased to -3.75 on his left eye and -4.00 on his right eye. This was shocking to me as he hardly complained he can't see. Two years ago, his power was only -0.75 and -1.00...

To minimize their exposure to iPads , I have tried involving them with more artwork and activities that will keep them busy. Held tem up with some art and craft, which is more beneficial to just exercising their fingers on the screens.

The three loved doing these activities and asked for more. I have to crack my head every weekend to come up with different activities to accommodate the three of them ...

Friday, December 23, 2011

A Glimpse of 2011

Howdy, I have not been updated this blog since Nov 2009. Life has been a handful handling the three little lovelies. It has been a great journey living with the three, though the drive me up the wall almost every day.

2010 has been a year full of events . Dad has been sick since February as Ca returns after the 5 th year. He in and out the hospital , with swollen face, hands and lung infection. His last breath - 9 th Sept 2011 and I wasn't by his side , only reached midnight .

2011 - a year full of changes ... Shifted back to Klang from Melaka for good. Settling the kids to a new school here and managed to get Isaac a place in school here for Primary 1 in 2012. Kids adjusted well here.

It was great working with new bosses and colleagues here in Klang Valley ... Blessing in disguise . Of course missed Malaccan friends and buddies and our precious home .

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Z-Ann's milestone

Time flies...
The lil one is 8 mths old now...

At 5 mths: turn over from back to tummy and vice versa
At 6 mths: waves bye bye
At 7 mths: sits unaided, but still a bit worried as when she's excited she'll just lie to the back.
At 8 mths : clap her hands, gives flying kiss, utter few words BALL, PAPA, PAU PAU ( carry)

As for Isaac and Kyle... still sleeping with us... hahah and on diapers at nite...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Z-ann down with cough and flu

Z-Ann got cough and a bit ruy nose last week, brought her to see the dr on Sat, gave her Iliaddin to spray her nose so that she could breathe properly. She weighs 4.4 kg at 6 weeks, and tday, at 7 weeks she weighs 4.7 kg. She has recovered from runny nose and flu.

She is the heart of the family currently, the two broters adore her loads.

Kyle fell last evening after playing water in the pool as he was running after bathing. I wasn't around and he cried loudly looking for me, when i am back home he was already asleep, but i woke him up to see how was he doing. He cried when he was awake and i carried and soothe him, fed him dinner then he was up and about playing again.
This afternoon, Isaac was crying when i picked him from school. He refused to come down from the car and wants his dad, however after quite some time of pastering, he did come down, and was happy to carry Z-Ann on his arm.

It has been quite tiring lookig after 3 kids, don;t know how will i cope once i start work, hopefully everything runs smoothly... Sure work is gonna be stressful, and loads of paperwork to be done once i am back.

Went for my post natal check up and everything was great! uterus has shrinked to its original size, and there i am again being normal,... I have another 2 kg to go to pre pregnancy weight... not too bad, but somehow i still can;t fit into most of my clothes!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Z-Ann turned from back to tummy

Wow this is fast! Yesterday, just at 5 weeks 3 days old, she turned from back to tummy. We were having dinner actually and i put her to sleep in the living hall... My maid called us and told me that she actually turned! Amazing... she has been very strong all these while, her kicks are hard and no she can turn to her tummy... Guess she likes sleeping on her tummy. Perhaps she sleeps longer when i put her on d tummy.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Z-Ann 1 month old

Last Friday, 3rd April Z-Ann turned one month old. She is now a happy little baby, she like to smile involuntarily and she looks right at your face whenever you talk to her now. However she has been more demanding these days. She wants to be cuddled most of the time she is awake...

Brought her for her 2nd dose Hep B vaccination on Sat, 4th April.WOw... she was fierce! Screamed when she was vaccinated... She grows quite a fairbit since birth. Although she doesn't look chubby, she now weighs 4.1 kg, that marks an increase of 1.15 kg in a month.

Confinement aunty has gone back on Wed, 1st April. From that day onwards i have to do everything by myself... from bathing, feeding, changing diaper etc etc... However hubby has been very helpful too... He feeds her most of the night feeding, I'll express the milk for him to feed. Whenever i can I'll try nursing her and it's improving, she is exclusively taking breast milk ...

oh brb, she is crying will continue later... time to feed again...

She is a strong baby. She kicks a lot and within 5 minutes after being put in her cot she be turned 45 degree... She's a light sleeper too... Just a bit sound and she'll be awake, sigh... have to train her cos with Isaac and Kyle around how can it be quiet???

The two kor kors love her very much, whenever she cries they'll attend to her and one will go call the CL, "aunty , mei mei ku liao" They both so adorable and loving. It's good now that Isaac like to help around with baby's stuff so its easy asking him to pick things for baby, he'll do it.

Monday, March 16, 2009


Delivered Z-Ann via c-section on 3rd March 2009 at 831 am... She had 2 cords round her neck n 2 rounding her legs, poor girl. Delivery was smooth and recovery was superb! Se weighs 2.95 kg, and has been feeding well since. She's got a little jaundice though, at 3rd day of discharged her level was 7.1, so no problem. At 5th day brought her to check and her level was 13.5, her paed ask to come again to check the next day and it has gone down to 12.2 so nothing serious. On the 8th day when the nurse came to check, asked to bring her check for jaundice again, so at 9th day her level was 9.1 and was asked to repeat at 11th day which has came down to 6.5. wow... she yells everytime being pricked her little heel.

She's two weeks tomorrow, and on her 10th day she weighs 2.5 kg, that is due to the lost of water after birth, hopefully she gain some weight after this. Has been feeding well first few days drinking 1 oz, then 2 oz and she's now drinking 3 oz per meal... me expressing like a cow whole day as i can't latch her well... so guess i am gonna exclusively pump and feed her...